Luxury in Glass Redefine!

Gopal glass is renowned for the exclusive designs. It offers in both traditional and contemporary style. We have a wide range of designs and many of their premium designs have been patented. Architects and interior designers not only praise them , but use them in their projects again and again.

Every design has a mark of style and sophistication. They are carefully selected to meet the latest trends and hence it’s no wonder that interior designer and architects choose gopal glass’s decorative or patterned glasses for applications across diverse segments, be it homes, offices , hotels, restaurants, institutions , commercial and retail spaces.

Know about pattern Glass /Figured Glass

What is Patterned Glass?

Patterned glass is a sheet of glass with a pattern of translucent texture embossed on one side or sometime both sides. This type of glass is also known as Rolled Glass, Textured Glass or Figured Glass etc.

Why is Patterned Glass used?

Typically, it is used in buildings where light transmission and view obstruction are both desired. It is also now used for its decorative impact, since as light is transmitted through the glass, it is scattered and the 3D pattern is revealed creating interest in interior spaces or external glazing.

The basic physical and chemical properties of patterned glass are the same as regular flat glasses with the difference being the opacity level and any number of permanent patterns which gives the glass a distinctive look.

Various privacy levels are available with though vision ranging from high to completely obscured. Moreover, the pattern means that the small blemishes and marks in use won’t stand out as much and maintenance is easier.

How is Patterned Glass made?

Patterned glass is made with a rolled glass process. The semi-molten glass is squeezed between two metal rollers. The bottom roller is engraved with the negative of the potter. Thickness is controlled by adjustment of the gap between the rollers. The depth, size and shape of the patterns largely determine the magnitude and direction of reflection.

What are the various types of patterned glass available?

  • Multiple patterns are available in linear, geometric, organic, floral, symmetrical etc.
  • They are also available in clear, coloured, and mirrored form.
  • Depending upon the pattern, they are available in a range from almost clear to completely obscured.
  • They can be tempered or laminated for strength and safety
  • Patterned glass is produced in different thickness ranging from 3 mm to 10mm and in different sizes
  • Wired glass is produced in 6 mm thickness and in several sizes.

The patterns of perfection

Whether it’s for privacy , pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, gopal glass works gives you a stylish range of attractive options in choice of colour and designs.